Your Photo Review TM
The way I see it... Real Estate Photo Analysis

Have problems?            Unanswered questions?            Needs answers?


Finally, a convenient and economical way to obtain a professional viewpoint.

Are you or your clients:

  • Looking to purchase and not sure if a condition is something to be concerned about?
  • Wanting another viewpoint before you decide whether to proceed towards a purchase?
  • Curious about a condition in the house you own, rent, are buying or selling?
  • Noticing a condition on your house and you’re not sure if it is an issue of concern?
  • Not sure what to do about a particular condition?
  • Managing or taking care of property for others?
  • A business owner with maintenance people or a handyman that could benefit from a little help?

"Real Estate Photo Analysis TM " (REPA) may be the help you need.

With many years behind me as a Master Inspector and General Contractor, I have analyzed hundreds of thousands of photos for negative issues and may be able to assist you by analyzing your photos of specific conditions and then providing you with a brief point of view on what I see. Images, Photographs, Pictures, Pix or Pics, whatever you want to call them, they all contain clues or information that may sometimes be best understood by a trained eye.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1) Place your order by selecting the "Online Store" above.
  • 2) Email your photos along with a brief explanation of your concern and the question you have.
  • 3) After the analysis, my "viewpoint" will be emailed to you. 
  • It's that easy.
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